Monday, May 4, 2015

Amazing Panel Discussion

Yesterday afternoon, we gathered with some amazing people and discussed tolerance issues and ways to approach genocide in schools. Our speakers included: Ger Duany who was forcefully recruited as a child soldier in the Sudanese Civil War; Tresor Rusesabagina who is the son of Paul Rusesabagina and who they made the movie Hotel Rwanda about due to his efforts to help save 1200 refugees during time of mass genocide; Bunni Sek who was born in a Cambodian refugee camp and whose family lived in Cambodia when 3 million Cambodians were killed during the genocide; Renee Firestone, a holocaust surviver who was imprisoned in Auschwitz; Zlata Filipovic via SKYPE, author of Zlata's Diary, and surviver of the war in Sarajevo; and our Moderator Andrew Carroll who is the author of several bestselling books including War Letters.

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